In-app Wallet and Collective SDKs

Liquality's developer tools enable frictionless web3 experiences and new onchain group dynamics through collective action

Bring web3 into your Project

Wallet SDK

Instant Web3 Wallets

Integrate frictionless browser, mobile and in-app  wallets with an expanding set of features in a matter of minutes across all EVM  blockchains.

Easy Integration

Devs don’t need specialized web3 knowledge.

Full web3 Features

More than a wallet - all that is needed to build web3 in one place to increase decentralization to let users truly own and trade assets and collectibles.

Collectives SDK

Simplified Group Actions

Allow groups to interact together onchain, while using their own wallets, removing traditional multi-sig wallet complexities.

Group competitions

Run group onchain competitions using honey pot contracts, aligning incentives and allowing groups to leverage their scale.

Farcaster frames

Utilize our Farcaster frames framework for collective group games to engage a crypto native audience.

Building Globally

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