Build web3 without Complexity

We provide web3 app infrastructure that removes barriers for users and devs while maintaining the values of web3

Bring web3 into your Project

Instant web3 Wallets

Integrate frictionless wallets with an expanding set of features in a matter of minutes. Choose between 10 blockchains.

Give your Users Ownership

Increase the value of your app by letting users truly own and trade assets and collectibles.

Boost Engagement & Revenue

Introduce collectibles and digital assets into your app to boost user engagement and grow new revenue streams.

Easy Integration

No specialized knowledge required to add web3 functionality.

Full web3 Features

More than a wallet - all that is needed to build web3 in one place.

Multi Environment

Build browser and mobile applications.

Give your Users an Immersive Experience

Avoid crypto complexity, boost user conversion and monetization.




Verticle web3 Solutions


Easily build web3 music and arts collection apps that are easy to use. Invisible wallets and no seed-phrases.


Build loyalty and engagement with rewards that your users truly own. Make it barrier-free with our SDK.

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our vision

Empowering digital autonomy for an open, more equitable world.