Cross-chain swap, send, receive, hold crypto and NFTs, and use apps on the Solana network using the Liquality Wallet - all while maintaining full custody of your assets.

What is Solana?

Solana is a blockchain that uses a proof-of-stake mechanism to provide smart contract functionality. Its native cryptocurrency is SOL.

What assets can I swap with Liquality?

  • You can swap SOL and other tokens like soLink.
  • For cross-chain swaps, we have built-in aggregators like Jupiter which are checking the best price and fastest route. Find out more about built in features.

What Solana apps can I use with Liquality?

  • Popular Solana apps include Magic Eden, Rarible and OpenSea.
  • Check out this list of apps.

Where can I view the status of my Solana transaction?

Why use the Liquality wallet?